Includes a review of basic Accounting Principles

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs prefer to do their own bookkeeping to really understand their business and plan for future growth. Some of the biggest challenges business owners face when doing their bookkeeping are the lack of knowledge of the accounting principles and not knowing how to use their accounting software efficiently. In our training sessions, you’ll learn the basics of accounting and bookkeeping, which will help you maintain your bookkeeping system properly and eliminate confusion. Our approach is to teach the process and watch as you go through the steps. By the end of our training sessions, you will be able to set up and organize your bookkeeping system, accurately post transactions, and pull clear financial statements.

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What To Expect

Financial and accounting strategy sessions.

Set up, organize, and streamline your accounting/bookkeeping system

QuickBooks Online or FreshBooks tutorial and training sessions

Set up and customize third-party app integrations with QuickBooks Online or Freshbooks (such as TSheets, Square, PayPal, HubDoc, Wagepoint, Receipt Bank, Dubsado, and many more)

Bookkeeping Online Training

The Benefits Of Doing Your Own Bookkeeping

While outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting can save time, managing your own bookkeeping system puts you in control and helps you better understand your bottom line. Over the years, accounting software like QuickBooks Online and FreshBooks have made their interface more user-friendly with automation, cloud accounting, and app integration to make it easier for business owners to navigate. This has made DIY bookkeeping more popular and simple to do.

After our DIY bookkeeping tutorial and training sessions, our students benefit from:
Cost savings

By doing the bulk of the bookkeeping yourself, you pay less for accounting and tax preparation services because your books are in order. Additionally, you can save money by simplifying and streamlining the process. As you do your own books, you can find ways to integrate apps into an all-in-one accounting system without having to toggle between applications for invoicing, spreadsheets, gathering receipts, payments, and inventory trackers, to name a few.

You are in control

Because you are posting transactions daily, weekly, and monthly, you have a hands-on view of all financial activity happening in your business in real-time. This means no surprises during year-end, and you can fix problems quicker, as soon as you see them.

You understand your business better

As a business owner and entrepreneur, there’s no one else who will care about your business more. The more you know about all the details in your business, including operational costs, cash flow, profit, and the peaks and valleys throughout the year, the easier it is for you to budget and plan strategically for short-term and long-term goals.

Many bookkeeping training resources will teach you how to use accounting software, but not all will teach you the accounting principle, which is the foundation of all good bookkeeping and accounting practices. Understanding the basics helps minimize mistakes and gives you confidence that you’re managing your books right.
At Accounting By Sal, we are passionate about teaching and sharing our knowledge on all things business. Unlike other pre-recorded tutorials and training materials, you can train LIVE with one of our caring instructors who can answer all of your questions.

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I had a whole year of information that need to be sorted and reconciled. I had never used quickbooks before. Sal was patient and went through the training in a diligent manner explaining the various functions. She allowed me to do my homework so that I would understand how the system worked while being there as a resource and correction when I needed. Highly recommend her for anyone looking to get customized service.

- Al-Karim Chatur

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