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If you’re self-employed, an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a freelancer, you have a lot on your plate. Keeping your books organized throughout the year can be time-consuming and often frustrating when your numbers are inaccurate and financial statements aren’t balanced. At Accounting By Sal Corp., our live bookkeeping sessions take the guesswork out of maintaining your books. Working with a virtual bookkeeper ensures that your numbers are accurate, your books are maintained, and all of your transactions are up-to-date.

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Why Live Bookkeeping?

Our live bookkeeping sessions are ideal for those who want to stay hands-on with their finances but need some guidance. Our clients benefit from working with an accounting professional because they can continue to be involved in their bookkeeping process and learn some valuable knowledge along the way. Over time, you understand the process better, are more comfortable working in FreshBooks, and are more confident in managing your own books.

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How It Works

We connect with you via video chat and screen share and guide you through the process. We watch as you complete each step and answer any questions you have along the way. With an accounting professional by your side, you learn how to:

Cleanup and Organize Your Books

We identify and fix errors, go through past transactions, and clean up your chart of accounts. An organized chart of accounts keeps your bookkeeping system straightforward and minimizes errors.

Categorize Transactions

Our live bookkeeping sessions help you understand how a transaction should be assigned and posted, including special transactions that can be challenging to categorize. We find opportunities that can simplify the process, including recurring transactions that can be automated to save time.

Reconcile Accounts

Depending on your preference, we can complete account reconciliations monthly or quarterly to make sure numbers are accurate and that your accounts are balanced throughout the year.

Stay Tax-Ready

With accurate bookkeeping, tax season is smoother and more straightforward, saving you (and your accountant) time, money, and energy on trying to track down receipts, missed transactions, and fixing errors.

Make Informed Business Decisions

Having organized books throughout the year allows you to see where your business currently stands, helping you informed decisions that take your business to the next level.

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FreshBooks Bookkeeping Client Andrea Rodriguez

Excellent service and outstanding customer care. She is knowledgeable, and super efficient. After having a very bad experience with my previous accountant, I cannot recommend Sal enough. Thanks Sal!

- Andrea Rodriguez

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