Get help with migrating to the new FreshBooks from FreshBooks Classic

FreshBooks has completely rebuilt its software to include more robust features, improved functionality, and the latest technology to help you run your business more smoothly. If you’ve been using FreshBooks Classic and you’ve been notified that your account has been moved over, we can assist in the migration process. Our goal is to make sure your bookkeeping system is working as it should and that all of the information you need is successfully transferred.

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The Benefits of Migrating to the New FreshBooks

FreshBooks Classic is an invoicing software that performs light bookkeeping tasks, while the new FreshBooks is a brand new accounting software built from the ground up. The new FreshBooks is a popular choice amongst entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and self-employed professionals who like the easy-to-use FreshBooks Classic. Some of the benefits of migrating to the new FreshBooks include:

Over 250 new features to simplify bookkeeping tasks

80+ third-party app integrations for an efficient workflow

Faster billing with invoices that can be emailed or mailed to the client

Automated payment collections

Automated recurring invoices

Double-entry accounting

The ability to create proposals

Bank reconciliation

Freshbooks Data Migration

What to Expect During a FreshBooks Migration

Migrating from FreshBooks Classic to the new FreshBooks is a fairly simple process, but there are some errors that can happen during the transfer. As a certified FreshBooks Partner, Sal can troubleshoot these common migration problems and ensure that your FreshBooks account is set up correctly. A successful FreshBooks migration includes:

Reviewing your FreshBooks Classic account before migration

This includes any time entries and large projects that may take longer to migrate. Note that these can take up to 24 hours to migrate.

Re-entering and reconnecting information

Most of the data will transfer to the new FreshBooks; however, some items need to be manually re-entered, such as custom email templates. You’ll need to reconnect apps, bank accounts, re-invite customers, contractors, and your team.

Troubleshoot common issues

While there are plenty of resources available that will walk you through troubleshooting migration issues, having an expert by your side can save you time and cuts the guesswork out of solving problems on your own.

Run and compare reports

After the migration is complete, we compare information to make sure that it matches your FreshBooks Classic account, including company settings and billing due dates.

Connect your business apps to FreshBooks for a seamless workflow

The way we do business in this digital age makes it easier to invoice, track payments, pay bills, manage projects, and keep our finances organized than ever before. Having the right technology in place allows you to manage your business on the go using any of your mobile devices. FreshBooks app setup streamlines your workflow and keeps your books organized throughout the year. By integrating your business apps to FreshBooks, no transaction is missed, and you have access to your accounting system right at your fingertips.

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How We Can Help

We make sure that your business apps are set up correctly with FreshBooks for accurate transactions. At Accounting By Sal Corp., we are well-versed in the latest accounting software and technology. We help you identify where you can save time with automation, templates, and integration. Our goal is to help you create a simplified and efficient process with less stress and more time to focus on your business.

Freshbooks Setup

FreshBooks Apps For Businesses

FreshBooks integrates with over 80 cloud-based third-party apps that can sync all of your mobile devices. There are many apps to choose from, and we can recommend ones that make sense for your daily operations. Some of the top FreshBooks apps include:


The FreshBooks add-on allows you to manage your clients right from Gmail. Quickly access client billing status, create and send invoices directly from Gmail, and sync your accounts, so FreshBooks updates automatically.


Connect your PayPal account with FreshBooks to easily accept payment directly on an invoice, on your website, social media, or any online payment link. This integration gives customers a seamless experience and helps you keep track of payments as they come.


Automatically sync your clients, orders, items, and payments into FreshBooks. This integration ensures that your business and accounting are all in one place, organized and up-to-date.

These are just a few examples of what FreshBooks app integration can do for your business. Third-party apps can complete virtually any transaction and sync data with Freshbooks, creating a streamlined workflow between your business operations and accounting system. There is no need to toggle between FreshBooks and the app you’re working in – it can be done in one place. All of your data is saved on a secure server that allows you to view your updated information on any device.

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Because the new FreshBooks is an accounting software that deviates widely from FreshBooks Classic, there are many opportunities to improve the efficiency of your accounting system once you’ve migrated your data. With more options for third-party apps and features, we can help you get the most out of your new FreshBooks software.

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My husband and I really appreciated Salima’s help with what would otherwise be a daunting task. We also valued the fact that we were more than just a number. I now consider her a friend! Thank you Salima!

- Going Farther with Vahen King

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