General Accounting FAQs

Yes, however, it’s important to know that bookkeeping is not about the software itself. The real problem that many clients face is that they don’t have knowledge about bookkeeping and handling transactions. This is where 1-on-1 training brings value because our team can teach you basic accounting principles that will help you complete bookkeeping tasks properly and accurately, no matter what software you use. There are plenty of training materials and resources available, but not all will teach you the accounting principles, which is a must for managing your books.

Unless you have registered for our Done For You Accounting & Bookkeeping package, Sal teaches you how to do your own bookkeeping. Training is live through video chat and screen share, where she walks you through the steps and watches as you complete the tasks, answering your questions and guiding you along the way. Sal’s goal is to get you to a place where you can feel confident in managing your books and are comfortable using your accounting software. One of the biggest benefits that clients have with a hands-on approach in their bookkeeping and accounting system is that they are directly involved in their finances. This helps them know exactly where their business is with information right at their fingertips from anywhere in the world, allowing them to make sound business decisions.

Pricing depends on the type of services and training you’re looking for. For example, some business owners need help fixing errors, cleaning up their books, and keeping their transactions up-to-date, while others are looking for complete training and ongoing support. When you book a call with Sal, there is an initial consultation meeting where she can determine your needs, what type of services you’re looking for and adjust the pricing accordingly.

Yes, we offer DIY bookkeeping training and what’s called optimizer sessions which are customized to your needs. With optimizer sessions, you pay as you go and book when you need support. Each session covers step-by-step guidance on how to do your own books and is recorded so you can rewatch them whenever you need to.

Yes, absolutely. Many new bookkeepers and accounting professionals take Sal’s QuickBooks Online training and FreshBooks training to strengthen their skills and learn more about optimizing the accounting software.

Yes, we can help fix errors in your bookkeeping and provide support. When you book a call, we can customize your session to your needs.

Sal offers 1-hour or 3-hour training sessions. 3-hour sessions are the most popular because many people find that an hour is not enough to learn and have all of their questions answered.

Yes, 3-hour training can be split into 90 minutes each session.

QuickBooks Training FAQs

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software developed by Intuit. It helps individuals and businesses manage their finances and easily complete bookkeeping and accounting tasks such as creating invoices, tracking cash flow, keeping receivables and payables organized, managing customers, budgeting, and more.

It’s one of the most comprehensive and robust accounting tools available that you can access from your Internet browser on any web-enabled device. QuickBooks Online training can help you navigate the tool and take advantage of all its useful features.

As a cloud-based tool, QuickBooks Online does not require you to download any software. The recommended system requirements for the best performance are:

  • Windows PC: 1 GHz computer with 256 MB of RAM running Windows XP or later
  • Apple Mac: Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.5 or later
  • The latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari for Mac

QuickBooks works best with a high-speed Internet connection and is not supported on Linux, including Ubuntu and Fedora.

QuickBooks Online offers 3 different plans to choose from: Simple Start, Essentials, and Plus. The right one will depend on what your business needs today. For new or small businesses, we recommended starting with the basic and upgrading as your business grows.

Yes, QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based software that can be accessed through your Internet browser on any computer or mobile device. The recommended system requirement for Mac is an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.5 or later.

Yes, as long as your mobile phone, tablet, or mobile device is connected to the Internet with an accepted web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari), you can access your QuickBooks Online account from anywhere in the world.

No, QuickBooks Online cannot be accessed offline. You need an Internet connection and a web browser to use QuickBooks Online.

Yes! As a cloud-based software, QuickBooks Online updates automatically and you’ll see a message when you log in letting you know that the software has been updated.

FreshBooks Training FAQs

FreshBooks is a cloud-based, intuitive, and user-friendly accounting software for business owners, accountants, freelancers, and self-employed professionals. You can send invoices, record receipts, accept payments, and balance your books. It also has project management features, mobile accounting capabilities, app integration, and more.

To use FreshBooks, you’ll need to sign up for an account and choose a package based on your usage. You can start from scratch or import data from anywhere else into your FreshBooks account. At Accounting By Sal, we provide FreshBooks training for business owners, accountants, and individuals, including how to make the most out of this accounting tool and how to import existing data.

No, although both are accounting tools, they are not the same software. FreshBooks is operated by 2ndSite Inc. while QuickBooks is operated by Intuit.

Yes, FreshBooks has accountant access. It allows your accountant to access and generate reports like the general ledger, balance sheet, and profit and loss. Your accountant can add journal entries, manage your chart of accounts, and review invoices, expenses, payments, other income, and bank reconciliation.

Follow these steps to invite your accountant to FreshBooks:

  • Click the green Invite button in the top right corner of your FreshBooks dashboard.
  • Select the Accountant option and enter the accountant’s name and email address.
  • Click Send Invitation and your accountant will receive an email with login instructions.

No, you can use the FreshBooks software on a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. For FreshBooks Online training, we recommend being on a desktop computer as we will be sharing our screen to help guide you and walk you through the software.

FreshBooks Online offers the following monthly plans:

  • Lite – $19/month: For professionals with basic needs.
  • Plus – $32/month: For owners looking for more automation and insights.
  • Premium – $60/month: For growing businesses that want to empower employees.
  • Select – Custom pricing: For businesses that need unlimited billable clients and specialized features.

The right plan for you depends on the needs of your business. FreshBooks offers a free trial for 30 days so you can get a good idea of how the features work and what you need to run your business.

Yes, FreshBooks Online is a cloud-based accounting software that you can access from any mobile device. You can download the FreshBooks app from any iPhone or iPad with iOS 9.0 or higher and any Android device with Android 4.2 or higher. FreshBooks works on any mobile browser.

You need an Internet connection to sign into your FreshBooks account. However, you can work offline and automatically sync your work once you have an Internet connection.

Yes, FreshBooks automatically updates to help improve your experience. You can view their changes and updates log here.

We have two training modules available for FreshBrooks training:

Module One – 90 minutes of training for $197
Module Two – 3 hours of training for $297

Click here to register for training and to learn more.

We like to say that no accounting software is better than the other as it all depends on your needs. FreshBooks and QuickBooks offer similar price ranges and are both excellent accounting software that are user-friendly. Freelancers, contractors, and small business owners lean toward FreshBooks for its simplicity and basic features while large businesses prefer QuickBooks.

Accounting Services FAQs

At Accounting By Sal Corp., we provide:

  • Done-For-You Accounting & Bookkeeping where we offer remote bookkeeping tailored to your needs.
  • DIY Bookkeeping where we teach you how to use QuickBooks Online or FreshBooks online and guide you through how to organize your accounts so you can manage your own books.
  • Business Mentorship & Coaching where Sal helps clients achieve the business of their dreams. As a passionate entrepreneur and business owner herself, Sal is a wealth of knowledge with a ton of experience under her belt.

Yes, we can help communicate with the CRA on your behalf should you get audited. We understand that receiving an audit can be stressful – we’re here to help you navigate their requests and gather the documents you need.

Our qualified accounting professionals have worked with many types of businesses in various industries. If you have a unique business and have questions about your accounting and bookkeeping, contact us and we can have a discussion about how we can help you.

All of our bookkeeping services are customized for each business and fees may vary depending on the job scope, the time required, and the complexity of the work.

Yes, Accounting By Sal Corp. can complete tax returns for any business anywhere in Canada.

Our team is qualified and experienced to complete business taxes efficiently and as problem-free as possible. We will only meet if any complicated tax issues arise or if you’d like to discuss your numbers, where the business can improve, and review tax planning.

We are always learning about the industry and we make sure we stay on top of evolving tax rules.

The four most important bookkeeping activities include:

  • Analyzing financial transactions and assigning them to specific accounts
  • Writing journal entries and credit or debit the appropriate accounts
  • Posting entries to ledger accounts
  • Adjusting entries at the end of each accounting period

Bookkeepers are responsible for updating the books on accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and daily financial entries and reconciliations. They oversee the accuracy of financial information and perform accounting tasks such as monthly financial reports, general ledger entries, and record payments and adjustments.

Bookkeepers handle the daily tasks of recording financial transactions and maintaining accurate books while accountants analyze the data and provide financial insight based on accounting reports. Accountants rely on the accuracy of financial information, highlighting the importance of daily bookkeeping tasks. Bookkeeping and accounting are some of the most critical areas of a business to ensure the company’s financial health.

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I had a wonderful complimentary phone call consult with Sal and she was very informative and kind to answer all my questions. As a small business owner I’m often lacking time to research or feeling uncertain about accounting items and she provided ease and convenience in a call!

-Sarah Pho

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