I don’t understand the software, can you help me?

Yes, however, it’s important to know that bookkeeping is not about the software itself. The real problem that many clients face is that they don’t have knowledge about bookkeeping and handling transactions. This is where 1-on-1 training brings value because our team can teach you basic accounting principles that will help you complete bookkeeping tasks properly and accurately, no matter what software you use. There are plenty of training materials and resources available, but not all will teach you the accounting principles, which is a must for managing your books.

Will you be doing my bookkeeping?

Unless you have registered for our Done For You Accounting & Bookkeeping package, Sal teaches you how to do your own bookkeeping. Training is live through video chat and screen share, where she walks you through the steps and watches as you complete the tasks, answering your questions and guiding you along the way. Sal’s goal is to get you to a place where you can feel confident in managing your books and are comfortable using your accounting software. One of the biggest benefits that clients have with a hands-on approach in their bookkeeping and accounting system is that they are directly involved in their finances. This helps them know exactly where their business is with information right at their fingertips from anywhere in the world, allowing them to make sound business decisions.

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on the type of services and training you’re looking for. For example, some business owners need help fixing errors, cleaning up their books, and keeping their transactions up-to-date, while others are looking for complete training and ongoing support. When you book a call with Sal, there is an initial consultation meeting where she can determine your needs, what type of services you’re looking for and adjust the pricing accordingly.

I’m a business owner who just needs a little bit of help, but I’m not willing to outsource completely. Can you teach me how to do my own bookkeeping?

Yes, we offer DIY bookkeeping training and what’s called optimizer sessions which are customized to your needs. With optimizer sessions, you pay as you go and book when you need support. Each session covers step-by-step guidance on how to do your own books and is recorded so you can rewatch them whenever you need to.

I’m not a business owner. Can I take the QuickBooks Online training or FreshBooks training?

Yes, absolutely. Many new bookkeepers and accounting professionals take Sal’s QuickBooks Online training and FreshBooks training to strengthen their skills and learn more about optimizing the accounting software.

I’m doing my own bookkeeping and I made a mistake, can you help me?

Yes, we can help fix errors in your bookkeeping and provide support. When you book a call, we can customize your session to your needs.

How long does training take?

Sal offers 1-hour or 3-hour training sessions. 3-hour sessions are the most popular because many people find that an hour is not enough to learn and have all of their questions answered.

You offer 3-hour training.
Can we split the time?

Yes, 3-hour training can be split into 90 minutes each session.

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I had a wonderful complimentary phone call consult with Sal and she was very informative and kind to answer all my questions. As a small business owner I’m often lacking time to research or feeling uncertain about accounting items and she provided ease and convenience in a call!

-Sarah Pho

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