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I have heard this so many times from other bookkeepers saying that I’m a bookkeeper. I don’t need to be visible on any social media platforms to attract clients. I can simply grow my clientele by word of mouth and by referrals through family and friends. But that is not ENOUGH and that is not RIGHT!

You must change your mindset too and you must be able to to go far then your comfort zone if you want to grow your business and be successful. Give yourself the opportunity of leaving the door open see beyond your limitation.

Social media has become very powerful and has become the number referral marketing platform for all businesses.

All the fortune 500 companies are utilizing and spreading their branding messages through social media and that is because they know where their clients are hanging.

Through social media platforms, people ask for business referrals therefore, why you would you avoid social media when it is absolutely free and a convenient way to market and start building a networking group.

In November 2015, my Pure Bookkeeping Canada Business Manager, Dave attended Intuit’s Thrive Conference in downtown Toronto.

Facebook and LinkedIn are the most powerful social media platforms for your bookkeeping business I always see these two as a number one game changer for my marketing efforts.

Start creating Your Social Media Strategy

Come up with your business goal and how you want to take advantage of social media marketing to reach your goal, on your goal you must elaborate if how many customers you want to reach out, who are your prospect clients. Do not waste your time make sure you actually follow your goal and build your business.

The most important action you should take is to make sure you actually reflect back to your social media goal and see the results which will best improve your bookkeeping business.

The other aspect you need to be aware is your business competitor, maybe you have to do some research here to find out how are they using social media to grow their business, what social media platform they are using?

Follow their strategies and see what they are exactly doing and then try to implement to your business and note to see if it impact your business too and how does it do it?

Whatever strategy you pick, make sure you are consistence with it, consistency is the most powerful tip of reaching out your goal quickly.

To stay consistent: create a plan and make sure you follow:

For example: once a week, post some content to your Facebook page, which your clients find it useful and next day share a video and provide some tips to your clients, i.e. how to organize your receipts. Do a 2 minutes video on this.>

Whatever you share make sure it is for the benefits of your clients as well as you are adverting so they get to know you well.

And again the key is to stay consistence whatever you do or however you plan to move and reach to your prospects.

Have someone to help you with all these, maybe hire a freelancer.

Few tips to follow:

  • Have a social media business page
  • Do not post personal photos on your business page
  • Have a professional photo of you posted with business attire
  • Make sure you reach the right audience

And with the power of social media, you can always schedule your posts for later or next day, so this way you are not worried to post it later.

There are many websites that can monitor your social media activities and results.

Here are two I use to track my social media progress:

These sites keeps track of your Facebook mentions and other social media activity.

And honestly at the end keep track and see what really works and if doesn’t do not waste your time and things that actually helps you with your business then keep it and follow it and always look for more growth!!!

Remember not all of you are social media savvy, so take one little challenge at a time and try to work around it this is like any other challenge, it best works when you start practicing a little bit at a time.

Practice makes perfect!

And have faith in yourself and trust that once you start working on your goal and as long as you stay consistence you will see the results!

All the best,

Sal Rezai

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