Canadian Tax Deadline is June

As a self-employed Canadian, there’s a lot to navigate during tax season. While these individuals get a little extra time to file their returns, they must meet specific deadlines by April 30. With the June 17 deadline fast approaching, getting organized with professional accounting services can help relieve some of the stress that naturally comes with tax season.

Understanding Tax Deadlines

The tax filing deadline for the self-employed in Canada, including those with a spouse or common-law partner who is self-employed, is notably different from that for the general population, which is April 30. This year, the date to mark on your calendar is June 15, 2024.

Since this falls on a Saturday, filings will be accepted without penalty until June 17, 2024.

Despite this extended filing deadline, it’s important to remember that any taxes owing must still be paid by April 30, 2024, to avoid accruing interest.

What Self-Employed Individuals Need to Know for Tax Season

Types of Income for Self-Employed Individuals

Understanding what constitutes business income versus employment income is crucial for accurate reporting.

Business income might come from a profession, trade, manufacturing, or any venture intended to turn a profit.

Employment income includes wages or salaries paid by an employer.

For self-employed individuals, receipts of payments, often detailed in a Form T4A from clients, must be reported by the end of February each year.

Filing Requirements and Forms

Form T2125, the Statement of Business or Professional Activities, is central to the tax filing process for the self-employed. This form helps calculate gross income—your total earnings before deductions. It also allows for the deduction of legitimate business expenses, which will reduce your taxable income. Reporting all income is necessary to avoid penalties. Failure to do so can escalate with repeated failures to disclose.

Tax Preparation: Deductions and Allowances

For self-employed individuals, meticulously tracking and claiming deductions is essential. These can range from office supplies and advertising costs to vehicle and home office expenses. Each expense must be justifiable and properly documented to be claimed. This detailed tracking ensures you pay only the taxes you owe and provides a clearer picture of your business’s financial health.

Contributing to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP)

Self-employed individuals face unique responsibilities when it comes to the Canada Pension Plan. Unlike employees whose employers contribute half of the required CPP contributions, self-employed persons must cover both the employee and employer portions. For 2024, this means preparing to contribute 11.9% of your income up to a maximum of $7,735.

Key Dates and Due Diligence

While most Canadians’ personal tax return deadline is April 30, self-employed individuals and their partners have until June 15 to file their returns. However, it’s wise to prepare your tax return by April 30 if you anticipate owing taxes so you meet the deadline and avoid interest charges. Those required to make installment payments are due quarterly throughout the fiscal year.

Meet Your Tax Obligations with Professional Accounting Services

Navigating tax season as a self-employed individual in Canada requires attention to specific details and deadlines to maximize benefits and minimize liabilities. By staying informed and prepared, you can ensure that your tax filing is both timely and beneficial, allowing you to focus more on your business and less on bureaucratic complexities.

At Accounting By Sal, we recognize that business owners should focus on growing their businesses rather than getting bogged down by the complexities of accounting and bookkeeping. Our professionals offer a range of accounting services to fit your needs, from monthly bookkeeping to business advisory services.

Don’t let bookkeeping duties distract you from what you do best. Let Accounting By Sal take care of filing your taxes so you can focus on leveraging opportunities and expanding your business. Contact us today to discover how our personalized accounting services can help you meet your tax obligations on time and stress-free.

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