For business owners, the topic of money can be a point of great stress, anxiety, and worry. With so many aspects of the business to juggle, entrepreneurs often find themselves with little time to assess their financial situation, a crucial component for all businesses.

The value in hiring the right financial coach and mentor to guide you through the process is priceless when you begin to feel empowered with your financial situation instead of constraint.

Our client, Nicole Constante says, “As a 21 year old newly-immigrated entrepreneur who didn’t have any idea how the world of accounting works especially in a new country, I couldn’t have asked for a better accountant than SAL! She walked me through every process and broke down every term for me, patiently answering all my questions. She often went out of her way, making me feel like I’m her only client!! And the best part? I got a cheerleader who celebrated with me when I filed taxes for the first time!”

Effective Online Training for entrepreneurs

At Accounting By Sal, we are dedicated to serving everyone we work with and ensuring that they leave with their books in a better state than they came. For many, finances can be triggering and can draw up negative feelings.

Our team operates in a judgement-free environment where we patiently guide you through the process. We teach you how to organize your finances and learn QuickBooks Online to get you comfortable with its various functions. For us, the client experience is a priority. We believe that, with the right guidance, you can learn the system and be confident in your abilities.

“I had a whole year of information that need to be sorted and reconciled. I had never used QuickBooks before.  Sal was patient and went through the training in a diligent manner explaining the various functions. She allowed me to do my homework so that I would understand how the system worked while being there as a resource and correction when I needed. Highly recommend her for anyone looking to get customized service.” Al-Karim Chatur

International QuickBooks Online Training

More companies are adopting cloud accounting for their ability to access real-time reports anywhere and at any time. At Accounting By Sal, we take advantage of technological advances and innovation in the bookkeeping world, including training international clients on QuickBooks Online virtually. The accounting principle is a universal concept and, with the ability to meet 1:1 on a virtual platform, we’re able to serve clients from across the world.

Chiraz Kelly, President of Staffactory in Los Angeles, California, writes,

“Sal Rezai is an expert in QuickBooks. Her detail will exceed your expectations. I highly recommend Sal to any company or person needing a trustworthy and reliable accountant/bookkeeper. Sal is well-liked, organized, dependable, timely, trustworthy, a person of integrity confidential and always brings a positive attitude to her work no matter how stressful the situation.

Her work is quick, accurate. She understands the nature of my business really fast and provides good insightful advice, her professional services fees are fair.

She knows QuickBooks inside & out. My accountant did not have to make any changes; She makes everything crystal clear. I would highly recommend Sal’s services. She makes things seamless and easy for my organization.”

Financial guidance and mentorship for entrepreneurs

There are many resources available for entrepreneurs to learn QuickBooks Online. However, one of the most effective ways to learn is through 1:1 training with a dedicated professional who is rooting for your growth.

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