Customize QuickBooks Online for your business

Every business is different and has unique needs to run smoothly. In our years of experience, we’ve found that some of the challenges people face with their bookkeeping system can be solved with the proper setup of their accounts. With the right QuickBooks setup and support, transactions are made easier with fewer mistakes, and workflow is more efficient.

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Live QuickBooks Bookkeeping helps you:

Clean up and organize your books

Set up your chart of accounts

Categorize your transactions correctly

Reconcile your accounts

Confidently stay prepared for taxes

Bookkeeping Online Training

What To Expect

With our QuickBooks Online setup and support sessions, we walk you through the process and explain the steps to help you become more comfortable with the software. Our goal is for you to become confident with your bookkeeping system so that your books are organized, accurate, and detailed, making year-end and tax season preparations simple.

Whether you’re brand new to QuickBooks Online or have some experience, we teach the best tips and tricks to use the software effectively.

Step 1: We learn about your business

By understanding your daily, weekly, and monthly procedures, we can create a good workflow for your processes.

Step 2: Accounts setup

Using screen sharing, we review and clean up your chart of accounts, including payroll, receivables, payables, inventory, and more.

Step 3: Training

We guide you through the step-by-step process and watch as you complete them on your own so you can become familiar and comfortable with the software.

Step 4: Support

We work alongside you, answer any questions you have, and offer monthly or quarterly support to help you stay on track.

Let’s start the conversation to discuss your current situation and needs. We can review the challenges you’re facing with your bookkeeping system and get it to the place it needs to be. Our caring and professional team works with you to review your QuickBooks accounting procedures and the accuracy of your data. Whether you need one session to get your questions answered or you want ongoing support, we’re here to help you meet your long-term goals.

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Sal does excellent work. She’s extremely knowledgeable (actually more so than any other bookkeeping and Quickbooks training firm that I’ve ever worked with) and super easy to work with. Highly recommend!

- Shyam Ganesh

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